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Review - Da Rap Star

Punjabi rapper Bohemia’s most awaited album Da Rap Star has finally been released worldwide. This is Bohemia’s second official release in India after the earlier album Pesa Nasha Pyar introduced the sensational Punjabi rapper Bohemia to the nation and it’s his third release worldwide. Da Rap Star comes right after Bohemia’s Bollywood performances with Akshay Kumar, probably the right time to release an album. Bollywood playback can really get you a lot of recognition across the globe. Da Rap Star has been written and produced entirely by Bohemia himself. This is something I like about the dude. The expectations are at an all time high especially after Pesa Nasha Pyar blew my mind away . Not only me but a whole lot of Bohemia’s fans are looking forward to the album. It’s been a real long wait for all of us. Let’s get in and check out the album.

The album comprises of 15 tracks. Four of the tracks feature a singer Devika Chawla from California.


A very interesting intro that pulls you in and gives you a taste of what’s coming up.

EK TERA PYAR - Featuring Devika

The album begins with the this track featuring Devika who is an upcoming California based singer. The title of the song has been picked up from Bohemia’s smash hit track Sahara from his previous album Pesa Nasha Pyar. The song includes Bohemia’s trademark desi rap. The video of this track has already hit national television as well as on the Internet. A smooth, cool track with an easy feeling attached to it. A brilliant start by Bohemia. Devika sounds good too.


Gal gal te seena zori,
Bhang mein lai ke firaan naal zada,
peevan thodi,
Gaddi ch baitha mein nawaab,
meri lattan chaudi,
Bolan mein sach,
Loki kehende meri gallan kaudi!

Bohemia’s second track Diwana is a 100% Bohemia track written all over it. The lyrics are worth a standing ovation here. Bohemia seems to have become an even better music writer with his second album. His style is just something else.

Mein Diwana mere mooh na lago,
Mein Diwana mere mooh na lago!


What I wanted to hear more from Bohemia was tracks centered on a romantic theme. Bohemia seems to have caught the idea as well. Eitbaar is one awesome track. The lyrics are very interesting.

Kar Mere Te Yakeen,
meri gallan da eitbaar,
Ni Sohniye menu ho gaya
tere naal pyaar!


Here comes some gangsta-rap in our very own Punjabi style. Bohemia pens down some awesome lyrics and backs it up with some catchy music. The end result? A perfect track. One of my favorite tracks in the album.


This does qualify as a shameless self promotion, something I myself love to do, but Bohemia turns it into a sweet well sung track altogether. He’s one Punjabi rap star you won’t find out there. There are hardly any out there who’re good at rap.


Raja harjaee 420,
gali gali ch munde karan meri rees.

This one is a totally fun song. It’s a personal one from Bohemia featuring his journey in the music scene so far and the accolades he’s received from across the globe.

Mein Jaake UK vich kudiyan te karaan jaadu,
Back stage menu milan aya Bally Sagoo,
Ve BBC wale puchde sawaal kinne,
Zee TV te Raja baitha duje din,
Mumbai aake kiti aish mein kinni

ISHQ - Featuring Malkit Singh

Now this is one track I was desperately waiting to hear. After listening to the one minute intro of this track way back in 2008 I became a huge huge Bohemia fan. The track features old-school Bhangra smash hit track Gud Nalon Ishq Mitha and Bohemia pays full respect to it with the rap. If I have to rate this track I’ll say it’s a 5/5.

Kehende ne gud nalon ishq mitha,
par Billo tera pyaar jiven daaru da nasha,
Mittran de udd gae hosh,
ni tenu vekh dil mange,
naal raven tu roz mere.

Tenu luk luk takna,
mein marr mitta tere te Billo,
hor koi shaq na,
Menu hor koi kamm na,
mein din raat Internet te tenu labhna!

I’ll post the entire lyrics right here, soon.

DIL - Featuring Devika

Talk about romantic numbers and Bohemia teams up yet again with Devika for this sweet Punjabi rap song. The duet is a soft-on-ears kind of a track. It’s sure enough to make you start humming right from the first time you hear the track.

DESI MUNDE - Featuring J. Hind

The music for this track is more like Rihanna meets Bohemia. A decent catchy track.

SAHARA LAB DE - Featuring J. Hind

This was the second track I heard earlier last year on Bohemia’s MySpace page. The lyrics are true to the core, the track leaves you wanting for more. I’d say it’s a rather practical track. Another of my favorite tracks from the album.

BUMPIN MY SONG - Featuring J. Hind

Bohemia creates a brand new melody with the track Bumpin My Song. The track features J. Hind. A very different track, something away from conventional Bohemia music.

Meri zindagi anmol,
mera bhaar kade chakko,
aake tolo mere bol,
Haraamkhor eh Police wale chor,
Ehna ton vekhi ni jandi,
desi mundeyan di tor,
awaaz kholo horr!


It’s an extended edition remix of the earlier track Punjabi Rap Star. A decent enough mix.

DIL ACAPELLA - Featuring Devika

It’s an acoustic version of the earlier track Dil. Somehow this sounds so awesome. This track is very special. It’s got that extra treatment. It’s one song that just clicks. I wonder why this comes so late in the album. Another 5/5 track from Bohemia. This one also features Devika who performs brilliantly.

EK TERA PYAR (Love Groove Mix) - Featuring Devika

The album ends with the love groove remix of the track Ek Tera Pyar featuring Devika. It’s another decent attempt but I love the original version more.


  1. yo, BOHEMIA! U r my idol. i do punjabi rap nd do lyrics myself. hope i got a chance to work wid u in future. .........Shanky-M

  2. hi, BOHEMIA i am the biggest fan of yours and i have all collection of yours, even in i also want to be the rap star so please give me one chance. Its my promise that i ll make you happy..........



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