Sunday, December 5, 2021
Sunday, December 5, 2021

Bohemia Announces New Album On Phone with J.Hind (ft. Deep Jandu)

Here's a brand new album idea revealed in an Instagram video from November 24, 2021 showing phone conversation between J.Hind and Bohemia while J.Hind is chilling in Dubai with Kamz InkZone. They are talking about bringing Deep Jandu on board for music production.

Video Link

Below was their conversation
Bohemia: I just wanna go ahead and do a whole Solo Album bro!

J.Hind: Okay!

Bohemia: I know we are releasing a Solo Track.. but I think it's time for a whole Solo Album

J.Hind: Okay!

Bohemia: At least 10... at least 10.. 10 new tracks! Maybe couple of people featured but mostly just a Solo Album man!
So.. I just want you in California bro on ASAP basis! Just pretty much.. How soon can you pack the bags and be in Cali? (door bell rings)..

J.Hind: I can.. I can book a flight right now man!

Bohemia: Right now man, let's do it right now

J.Hind: Okay, You need me to tap anybody in?

Bohemia: Ahh.. Let's get Deep Jandu on board.. just for us to have a producer that can manage the whole situation!

J.Hind: Okay!

Events following this video

Following grams were posted by Bohemia and Deep Jandu after this phone conversation.


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