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Bohemia - Da Rap Star - Review

The intro is different to many others I have heard on various hip hop albums, bigin up his record label universal records, and telling the listeners “to light one up” and get ready for the album. The beat is bangin and the concept of the intro is very innovative. Thumbs up for this one, and am lightin one up to listen to the album ;) and so should you lol then ull feel the lyrics and beatz on a different level lol…. Ek tera pyar, features Devika Chawla , a desi female artist from California, the chorus sang by her are the lyrics of Madam Noor Jahan, the melody queen of Punjabi music from the song "Ve Ek Tera Pyar" ( a modern version remixed by Nas-T and JKD is also available), the beat is off the hook, tight ass bassline beat and Bohemia simply rips this track with his awesome lyrics and the style he raps it on the chronic westcoast style beat. The first video of the album is of this song, it’s a lovers song but put in a way that guys wouldn’t feel embarrassed of listening and raping because it’s a kool n hip romantic song , its this albums Sahara from PNP. Next tune, starts with a mellow intro but from the moment Bohemia starts rapping, you know its gonna be a killa track. The lyrics are the truly the work of the great master himself and define him being the Punjabi Rap Da Badshah. He tells his own story of his involvement in the west coast life of a young desi who starts with drugs and all that shit and that hez a diwana so stay away from him ;) I would say it’s the finest work and well worth the 3 years wait after Pesa Nasha Pyar, this is the Kali Denali song of this album. What a tune, what great lyrics, simply amazing this song. A Gangsta rap version of love and trust (Eitbaar) in Punjabi. The beat is very well produced by Bohemia himself, and those critics who thought without ShaOne who produced most of Pesa Nasha Pyar, Bohemia’s album going to be crap, to them I can only say that these first three tracks have already proved you wrong ! Case dismissed ! Sound of sirens, helicopters, the police is after big B, hez the gunegaar (sinner) and karon- bhaar , on the run, hustling, griding, and to lessen the pain of all this and getting fed up from all this he drinks, smokes, and enjoys his life. A true story of life in the ghettos of big metropolis around the world where desi youngsters grow up. Big B is a really good producer I must say, another beat you can bump out loud in your speakers. What a tune ! The Punjabi Rap Star tells his story of fame with music around the world, the beat and rap is slightly softer then those 2 songs before that, it tells how he works hard in the studios till late night, and that the ladies are crazy about him, and no one is like him try and find someone like him ! Well I have searched a lot and cannot see anyone like you Bohemia, and as you said in the song, we or certainly I will remember your songs always even after you are gone, but hopefully that wont be the case. Long live the Badshah of Punjabi rap who has pioneered this genre of Desi Hip Hop. Big up Bohemia ! Haha the optimal topic CHARSO BEES (420) for desi youngsters, this is defiantly going to be a anthem for all the “ullu de pathay” desi’s bumpin the songs of Bohemia and trying to imitate his style and image as he says in the song. He also tells the story of his musical side of all his albums. The beat is unique and blends in well with the lyrics. These lyrics are going to be in every fans minds am sure, I think I need to upload the lyrics of this one for sure. Another Punjabi rap classic . The King of Bhangra and The King of Punjabi Rap come together on this track to produce another one of them desi hip hop classics, that has the potential to blow up every radio station all over the globe. Its amaizing when you listen carefully to the lyrics of Bohemia how he blows you away with his rhymes and flow. GUR NAALON ISHQ MITHA The smoother bassline beat on this next song Dil, features again Devika Chawla, it’s a love ballad, with bumpin rhymes of Bohemia. Many female fans of Bohemia will especially appreciate the works on this one, and for all those lovers out there, its gonna be a favorite, something they never got from Pakistani pop and rock, neither from bollywood songs. Its new style and applicable to real life scenarios that effect all of our lives, its not like getting the stars or the moon for ur lover or any other form of shity fairy tail lyrics that we have grown up listening to when it comes to desi music. We needed such change, and Bohemia has brought us this, great innovator ! Desi Munday Pardes De tells the storyz of Desi lads living in the foreign land, hustling and grinding, forming their own identities amongst others in the white mans land. It features Bohemia’s buddy J-Hind who is a talented rapper who also features on the recent Bollywood movie 8x10 Tasveer title song with Bohemia. He’ll be introduced soon on soon. Watch out. Sahara Lab De was released prior to the albums release in 2008, it features J-Hind again , and he does a brilliant job on this one again. Bohemia asks his creator to give him guidance and protection in this cruel world. The beat is neat and bumps good on the speakerz. Bumpin my song is the third with JHind on it, and big up JHind on this one, awesome skills both of rapping and singing shown by him on this, the lyrics both by JHind and Bohemia are off the hook. This song shows how great Desi Hip Hop is, and as Bohemia says, u should bump it with pride loud and tell everyone about the new movement of Desi Hip Hop. Great stuff there man, cant have enough of it. The next three songs on the albums, include 2 remixes and an acapella of Dil. It shows the beautiful voice of Devika at its best. The remix of Punjabi Rap Star is an extended mix of the first song, and the love groove mix of Ek tera pyar gives it a smoother touch both are decent mixes of brilliant songs. Overall the album is 10 out of 10 for me, cuz Bohemia proved he is very very talented indeed, not only has he invented and pioneered a new genre and style of desi music, he also produced a brilliant piece of work that will long bump in the stereos and speakers of desi’s all over the globe. A Killa album that includes 15 tracks after the 19 from Pesa Nasha Pyar, but we got to bear in mind that he is busy with Bollywood stuff and has come out with great songs and there is yet more to come from him and bollwood, so watch out, support Bohemia, love Bohemia , and be true to yourself and take a pride in what you are, ONE LOVE is Bohemia’s message to all the Desi’s out there


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