Monday, March 17, 2014

Bohemia's answer to Hindustan Times' negative post

Recently after giving a rocking performance at Hansraj College, Delhi, Hindustan Times newspaper HT City published a hate post against Bohemia.

Bohemia posted this videos showing love from all his fans who were present at the event.

Following are Bohemia's tweets (Chronologically):

Dear Sahil Magoo n Mahim Gupta @ htcity news. Thank you for the negative press saying my show was flop now get ready to be abused by my fans
2:01 PM - March 6, 2014

(Video) "Bohemia does a flop show with no fans" according to HTCity news
12:44 AM - March 8, 2014

Dear @htcity, you printed something negative about me. We believe you were bribed. I'm still waiting for you to get back and prove me wrong.
3:37 PM - March 14, 2014

Dear @htcity, now you're blocking my fans? All we want is the truth. We'd like to handle this in a civil manner please. India = Democracy?
5:22 PM - March 15, 2014

Dear @htcity, guess what! I had another flop show last night just like at Hans Raj collage. Cant' wait for you to do a big write up about it
11:53 AM - March 16, 2014

I thank all of you that supported me against @htcity and their lies. I thank @TOIDelhi for voluntarily stepping up and supporting me! #win
1:40 PM - March 16, 2014


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