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Lyrics - What Have I Learned | Bohemia Ft. Jennifer Filzen

Toone sikheya ki duniya ch aan de baad
Ethe aadmi di keemat aadmi de jaan de baad!! (pa pa pa pa .....)

What have i learned? X 3 about Love. (3)

[Verse 1:Bohemia]
Hoya jadon da mein jawan, jagg JUNG da maidan
aapne paraye, mere utte goliyan chalan!

Mere waaste, bache nai koi bhajne de raaste
Chhupa firan guzaran, jiven mein nashe de aasre!

kara takreeran, akhbaaran ch bayan davan,
NASHE ch mein 24(chauvi) ghante paise piche dhyan davan!

JAIL ch yaar, likha yaaran nu tasaliyan
Kabarastan, mere dushmana di galiyan!

PAISE de NASHE, te NASHE de PYAR ch, Asi
Yaaran de Dushman, te Dushmana de yaar!

MAINE, Choti Umar ton Pehchaani Eh Duniya,
Waddeyan Shikariyan ton Sikheya te Suneya, ke

PAISE di amiri naal dil nu aaram!!
ve NASHE ch waddi ton waddi mushkil aasan!!
te PYAR, PYAR de ne roop hazar

EH sikheya mein duniya ch aan de baad!!

What have I Learned? X 3 ... About Love...
EH sikheya mein duniya ch aan de baad!!

What have I Learned? X 3 ... About Love....
EH sikheya mein duniya ch aan de baad!!


Gham'an da khazana hundi Zindagi
1 2 3 da fasana hundi Zindagi

Aaj meri vaari, kal teri zimmewari
kadi rukdi nai sada jari rendi zindagi

Garib saunde bhuke, amir roti khande, PAR
Aadmi doven bane rabb de hathan de

naale MAUT kise da mazhab ni dekhdi
Jithon vi aande othe wapas jaande saare

Rall mill rahoge te banegi gall,
Ek dooje naal ladna ni masleyan da HUL

Jeda beet geya PAL, oh laut ke ni aanda
JIND ve keemti khazana Jawana!!

[Chorus:3] Repeat X 4
What have I Learned? X 3.... About Love!!
JIND ve keemti khazana Jawana!!( Not the 3rd n 4th time)

Lyrics by Bohemia and Jennifer Filzen, Music by Tony Tinsay and Vince Hudson

What have you learned from this world?

Here (in this world) a man’s worth is discovered after he’s gone X 4
Ever since I was born, world was a battle zone,

Friends and strangers all trying to shoot me down,
I had no choice, I stayed away while smoking weed to Keep my mind numb from it all

I talk like I’m debating; I stay true when speaking to the newspapers
That I’m high twenty four hours, running wild chancing money ready to die for it

I got friends in jail, I write them telling them to have patience, meanwhile
My enemy’s streets are graveyards

High of the money and the love of the high have made me
Enemy’s of my friends and the friends of my enemies

I understood this world from a small age,
I took it from wise men and old timers

Money is what you need to get the power,
And the high of the power makes everyone possible
And Love, love has many faces…

That’s what I learned from this world

What have I learned (Jennifer)
That’s what I learned from this world x 2 Life.

Life is full of treasures of pain
Plus it only lasts so many days

Today it’s my turn, tomorrow it’s your reasonability
It never stops, life goes on

Poor go to sleep with empty stomachs, and the rich eat well
But they are all created by the same God

And at the time of death, it does not matter who you are
Wherever we came from, we must return

If we stay united we may survive,
When we fight amongst each other we get nowhere

Every second that passes ever comes back,
To the youth I say; Life is so precious after all

Life is so precious after all x 2


  1. This song is a hit, for sure! Thanks for spreading the word.

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  3. ithe aadmi di keemantaan ude jaan de baad



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